Discover the advantages of having a business support service working for the international market.

Excellent value for money for your business expansion

Structural of branches, agencies, Distribution centers are extremely expensive. In the case of commercial representation, administrative and commercial infrastructure runs on our own.

Market knowledge

A company that manufactures footwear in São Paulo probably doesn´t know the Beijings market. Expansion is highly beneficial for business. Knowing the market and the business culture is critical to the success of your enterprise.

Expenditures becomes Investment

There are significant savings in taxation. In Latin America employees can cost two to three times the salary depending on the benefits provided and the additional advantages offered by the company.

Cultural differences

Many companies think that just bring their products to other country without any competitive intelligence is enough. The language and appearance of people are just one of the differences of these very distinct markets.


When we change to other market the consumer culture is totally different.


Take the example of South Korea: What can never be lacking in a pizzeria? Pickle is the right answer. Go to the photographer and ask for a picture for your funeral is as common as taking a picture to identification card. The size of the bath towel has the same size of the face towel in Latin America.


These and many other differences prove that enter the market without knowing it is unthinkable.


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